We know. Many of you are wondering: What is this? ¿Hamor? Free? With an "H"?
Hamor is an acronym for the words DO (H) and LOVE in spanish.

According to the Royal Academy of Spanish Language LOVE is defined as:

"Feeling affection, inclination and commitment to someone or something"

"Intense sentiment of the human being who, from his own inadequacy, needs and seeks contact and union with another being"

In a more philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all the love, kindness and compassion of human beings. It can also be described as actions toward others based on compassion or affection.

It’s shown that feeling (love towards other beings) emerges the most when the times are more difficult. Thus, in a difficult context like the present, more and more people feel the need to look for that "encounter" with those around them, especially those who suffer most dramatically any situation of injustice.

The founders of this association have had experiences of cooperation with different NGOs and we could feel that feeling, often expressed in appreciation for our help.

On the other hand we find people who want to DO (H) things but do not know quite what, how, where...

Uniting these two things, an enormously powerful feeling that the human being has (love) and the need to do things that are fair and necessary for the defense of human dignity is what moved the founders of this association to create this play on words (Hamor).

This new project comes from the idea that all of us, if we want to, we can change what’s wrong or unfair. And for this we need only imagine that Love is spelled with H.

Love is free and never expects anything in return. In any love relationship, whatever kind it is, if there is some self-interest it will inevitably cause bitterness.

Hamor is nothing but working in a smarter and more efficient way than we are used to and contributing to society in what we like and what we know.

Check out some of our projects, sure there are some in which you are interested in participating.

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