The Hamor Association aims to promote the development of a self-sufficient society with freer people, through projects that improve their quality of life, their empowerment and all their fundamental rights. These projects respond to social enterprise model.

They will create sustainable projects that are born of entrepreneurship and they will be developed with highly efficient processes and efficiency through new technologies.

To do this, focuses its purposes:

1. Promoting social entrepreneurship by developing sustainable projects and social enterprises for the general population, especially children, youth, elderly and women.
2. Spread the concept of social enterprise as a model of social economy.
3. To promote job creation, social enterprises, and self-help projects, especially in those sectors with greater difficulties in finding employment.
4. Promoting a project management model based on best practices and high level efficiency.
5. To promote equality between men and women, from the social respect standpoint.
6. Build a culture of respect for the environment, responsible consumption, fair trade, recycling and economy for the common good.
7. Enable the generation of processes that promote social inclusion for any person.
8. Facilitate improved personal development of children by involving kids in all those volunteer activities where they can soak up the social culture.
9. Promote education for development and international solidarity through self-sufficient cooperation projects.
10. Promote activities that enable the development of a decent life.
11. To facilitate the approach of new technologies to society and improve management project through free software.
12. Encourage training in areas of social enterprises from the perspective of the Education in values.
13. Facilitate education, food, resources, energy and water for disadvantaged communities with the creation of social enterprises.
14. Promote the concept of quality management supported by new technologies achieve the desired standards in human development.
15. Support and train different groups in the creation and development of social enterprises.
16. Support for different groups that want to implement techniques of self-sustainability into their management models.